Grow your Self-Care Garden

Self-care isn’t just about getting into a bubble bath with a face mask on. It is about being intentional about taking care of all aspects of your health, be it physical, mental, social, and emotional.

Here are some self-care examples:

Physical – Sleep, drinking enough water, regular exercise, physical therapy if needed, going outside for fresh air, stretching, deep breathing, meditation/yoga

Emotional – Lowering stress, being grateful, journaling, me-time, doing hobbies, laughing, smiling

Mental – Reading, putting down technology (digital detoxes!), setting goals, meditating, telling yourself positive affirmations (more information on this in future blog!)

Social – Time with friends and family, being present and mindful in the moment

Health – Less sugar and caffeine, vitamins, taking medication as prescribed, healthy foods, doctor check-ups, hygiene, exercise

An exercise we did in my group one week was to build a “Self-Care Garden”. This consisted of the seeds you want to plant (positive self-care that we are keeping), weeds we want to eliminate (harmful practices and habits), and what we want to grow (what to add in the future).

What are we keeping?
-sleeping well
-going outside
-drinking water
-eating healthy foods
-deep breathing
What don’t we want to keep?
-Not sleeping or eating well
-toxic relationships
-junk food
-not sleeping
What do we want to improve?
-more energy
-more happiness
-feel healthier
-better confidence
-better relationships
Our Self-Care Garden Chart

Here is a picture of our self-care garden!

Now that you have planted your garden, set an intention for self-care one day this week. Comment your intention for this week!

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