What’s Your State of Mind?

Here is a simple run-down of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) concept of Wise Mind. Your mind is made of 2 parts, emotional mind, and reasonable mind. When these two minds meet, it creates the wise mind. We want to try to live in the wise mind to make the best decisions possible when faced with difficult situations.

Emotional Mind – Think of the “hot place” in your mind where your emotions take over. This is great for passion, creativity, and caring about others. However, it can be chaotic, unpredictable, and tiring when emotion mind takes over.

Reasonable Mind – This concept is more of a “cold place”. Think of a profession like an accountant who deals with only numbers. Living in reasonable mind is good for learning, planning, and thinking. If it takes over, it could be boring and repetitive.

Wise Mind – This is where emotional and reasonable minds meet. It is essential for balance, self-care, making decisions, and building self-confidence.

Here is a exercise from one my groups. Think of this example:

You are a waitress at a restaurant. A customer comes in and eats their entire meal. They tell you that they did not like the food and refuse to tip you.

Emotion Mind (how do you feel?): I feel angry, sad, disappointed, etc.

Reason Mind (what can you do?): I can quit my job or tell the customer that they should find a new restaurant to go to.

Wise Mind – Balance feeling and doing:

I’m angry in the moment, but I can talk to my supervisor about this and explain that it did not have to do with my own job performance. 

I can look for a new job where I am appreciated and feel happy. 

I can calmly explain to the customer that the service was good and that the tip can be based off of good service.

Here is a short video about Wise Mind that explains this concept in easy to understand terms:

Wise Mind – YouTube

Comment an example of when you have used your wise mind!

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