Object Mindfulness for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Check out this quick mental exercise to bring you back into the present moment to reduce stress and anxiety!

Grab a small object that can fit into one or two hands. This should be an object that does not have any emotions attached to it. You are going to keep your full attention mentally and physically onto the object. Try to keep full awareness of this object while also focusing on your breathing. You are now going to experience the object with your senses. Take caution with taste and smell!

Start with sight by looking at all the details of the object. What do you notice about it? What color or colors is it? It is small, medium, or big? Do you notice anything special or unique about the object? Focus on the features of the object.

Feel the object with your hand or hands. What is the texture? Is it smooth, rough, grooved, hot, cold, heavy, light, etc.? Focus on how your hand or hands feel after touching it.

Take time to smell, taste, and listen to the object if possible! Maybe using a candle, candy, or an object that makes music is best for you!

As with other meditations, do not judge the object or your thoughts about the object. This practice is for stress and anxiety relief as you can put your full awareness on an object in the present.

What object did you use for your meditation and how did you find the practice useful for you? Comment below!