Using your Body to Accept Reality

The body and mind are connected and influence each other which can effect your feelings and emotions. Think of a time when you are stressed at work and start to get a headache or muscle aches. This may make you feel more stressed and out of control because it interferes with your work performance or even completing tasks. In turn, there is a cycle of mental and physical symptoms that are effecting each other and could lead to worse health outcomes. Use your body to signal to your mind that all is well. Take back control of your body and mind by trying 2 new skills this week.


Half-smile Benefits to Reduce Emotional Distress - North Memorial Health

You are going to signal to your mind that all is well by relaxing every muscle in your face and letting the corners of your mouth slightly rise in a peaceful expression. It will be so subtle that you will feel it but others may not notice.

Willing Hands

Sensory Body Awareness Skills to Reduce Distress Through DBT | Skyland Trail

Relax your hands and arms. Keep them straight out or with elbows bent. Put your palms upwards and thumbs to your sides. If you are sitting, put your hands down on your lap or legs. If you are lying down, you can put your arms to your sides.

How to Practice Half-Smiling & Willing Hands

Try this first thing in the morning with deep breaths.

Listen to music or enjoy nature

Try it when you are angry or irritated

Experiment with this skill either sitting down, standing up, or lying down

Use this skill while thinking about a person you are in a conflict with to practice feeling compassion and letting go of anger and resentment

When can you use half-smiling and willing hands this week? Comment below!