How to get the Most out of Therapy

Therapy can take hard work and changes are made both inside and outside of sessions. Try these following steps to get the most out of therapy during and after sessions:

  1. Practice skills outside of sessions – Almost all skills that are learned in sessions require repetition to truly help. It is important to practice these skills when you are feeling good because they will come more naturally to you in times of distress. Taking notes or using worksheets is a great way to remember new skills!
  2. Be open-minded – Educate yourself on what therapy is and is not. Stay open to different types of therapies that may help you best.
  3. Continue self-care outside of sessions – Make sure to take care of yourself, especially after a tough session.
  4. Be honest – It’s important to be open and honest with your therapist. This may happen more when you develop a therapeutic relationship and trust.
  5. Be patient – Do not feel rushed to get into any topics that you are not ready to explore yet. Have realistic expectations that all of your problems will not be solved after a couple sessions.
  6. Speak up or disagree with your therapist when needed – Feedback is great for the therapist to improve and know the best ways to work with you. You are an expert on yourself. If you are interested in a certain type of therapy, do some research and let your therapist know.
  7. Get to the root of issues – In psychotherapy, it is important to connect the past to the present and recognize patterns of behavior, feelings, emotions, and interpersonal relationships. This is a different approach than some counseling and coaching programs.
  8. Know that sessions won’t always feel good – Therapy is hard work and it can take time to feel better.
  9. Find the right fit in a therapist – A good rule is that it can take up to 5 sessions to determine if your therapist is a good match for you. It may take time to find the best fit for yourself.
  10. Schedule at an optimal session time for you – If you are a morning person, a session before you start your day may be best for you. If you are a night person, it may be best to schedule your session later in the day. Work with your therapist to find the best time for yourself.

Comment any other tips that will help a person make the most out of therapy!