How to Create a Wellness Planner

Wellness planners are great tools to track your mental and physical health journeys. You can start with a notebook, bullet journal, digital, planner or paper planner to jot down different categories of wellness. I personally use a Happy Planner wellness extension pack with a weekly spread to write out what I’m working on. There are also journals with prompts that can be purchased for goal and wellness tracking.

Ideas of what to include in your planner:

Affirmations: Check out this post for more ideas!

Meal plans/Food log



Journaling – Start with just a sentence a day!

Mood tracking

Intention/Focus for the day


Self-Care: Find some more ideas on this post!




Writing prompts with different questions for each day (Pinterest is a great resource for this)

Daily and weekly check-ins

Habit Tracking

Be creative with your wellness planner using pictures, drawings, washi tape, and stickers!

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