WRAP: Post Crisis Plan

A Post-Crisis Top-3 Digital Marketing Action Plan – Hospitality Net World Panel

The Post Crisis Plan is the final piece to the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). Check out the rest of the WRAP series to form your own WRAP plan.

Here are some questions and tasks to review and write into your WRAP once you feel like the crisis is over:

-What are the signs that you are out of the crisis?

-Who makes you feel safe and supported post crisis? Is there a safe place for you?

-What can people to do to help you post crisis? What people should you avoid?

-Prioritize what can be done versus what needs to get done.

-While recovering what do you need to do for yourself and how can you prevent returning to crisis?

-What are signs that the post crisis is over? Is it time to return to the daily maintenance plan?

-Review your wellness toolbox

-When are you able to start taking care of your responsibilities on your own again?

-What changes need to be made in the WRAP plan?

Crisis Stages: Post Crisis

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