WRAP: Triggers, Early Warning Signs, and When Things are Breaking Down

The following sections are located in the middle portion of your Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). Use these writing prompts to begin to develop your WRAP!


What Does It Mean to Be 'Triggered?'

Write down your life stressors and upsetting situations.

What increases symptoms such as anxiety and depression?

What can you do to prevent these symptoms from worsening?

Early Warning Signs


What are thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that come up when you aren’t feeling well mentally?

How do you respond to these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors?

Can you cut back on anything non-essential? (ex. can you get help with household tasks and chores?)

When Things Are Breaking Down

mental health matters image 1

What are signs, symptoms, and circumstances that you are beginning to decompensate with your mental health?

Do you need more support at this time from your support system?

Is this a time when you need to take more rest?

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