WRAP: Daily Maintenance Plan & Wellness Toolbox

The Daily Maintenance and Wellness Toolbox are the first sections of your Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). Get some writing materials ready to start developing your WRAP with these first steps.

Daily Maintenance Plan

-What are you like when you are well and happy? Try to find a picture of yourself when you were feeling happy and keep that in your plan if you can.

Some examples: relaxed, clear-minded, playful, optimistic, reasonable, responsible, capable, curious, supportive, easy-going, patient, friendly, enthusiastic, peaceful, calm, satisfied

Wellness Toolbox

-What are some wellness tools you can put in your Wellness Toolbox to use when you are struggling? Are there any that you would like to do more research on and try out? A part of WRAP is education in that you can look more into what skills and activities can help your specific issue.

Some examples: Journaling, meditating, hobbies, calling or texting a friend, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, grounding techniques

-List things that you need to do every day, weekly, and monthly to maintain your mental health. What are some special things that you do to treat yourself?

Some examples: Take medications, avoid caffeine, eat 3 healthy meals, 8 hours of sleep (try out some sleep tips from my blog post), spending ½ hour a day on a fun activity, exercise

Future blogs will be going into the additional segments of the WRAP tool so stay tuned!

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