Grounding Activities for Anxiety

Grounding activities are practices that help to distract yourself from difficult emotions and experiences to reduce anxiety.

You can take a break and focus on the here and now.

Return to these emotions and experiences when you are calm and ready to tackle your challenges.

These exercises take time to come naturally and that’s okay! Here are a few examples below:

1.Focus on how your body feels

-Feel your hair on your shoulders or forehead?

-Feel your glasses?

-Weight of your clothes?

-Feel your heartbeat?

-Stomach full or hungry?

-Legs crossed or resting on floor?

2. Use anchoring phrases – Think about how an anchor can hold you in the present moment.

            – “I’m ____. I’m ____ years old. I’m from _____. Today is _____. The weather is _____.”

3. Describe steps of a common and simple task

     – Ex. Making tea or coffee, cleaning, doing chores

4. Name as many things from a category that you can think of. Examples:

     – -Colors




        -Tv shows



When you are ready, return to your difficult emotions and experiences with a fresh start and focus on the present moment. You are ready to take on anything!

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