Radical Acceptance for Finding Peace in the Present Moment

Radical acceptance is completely accepting reality as it is in the present moment without fighting against difficult situations.

It is NOT ignoring difficult emotions or situations. It is validating that it is difficult and accept it to make it easier for ourselves.

We let go of bitterness or resentments and realize that there will always be situations that are difficult, out of our control, or unfair.

We can reduce emotional pain and make better decision about the future when we our judgement is not clouded by these difficult emotions.

A great way to practice radical acceptance is by using coping statements:

  1. The present moment is the only one I have control over.
  2. Fighting my current emotions and thoughts only gives them more fuel to thrive.
  3. The present is a result of thousands of parts from the past.
  4. This moment is exactly as it should be even though I might not like it.
  5. I cannot change what has happened in the past.
  6. I accept this moment as it is.
  7. Although my emotions are uncomfortable, I will get through it.
  8. It’s not helpful for me to fight the past.

Practice radical acceptance today to reduce the suffering caused by situations that are out of your control!

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